1st thing!

Thank you for joining my September Auction which will run until 8pm Sunday September 19th! 


If you’d like to place a bid on an auction item, you will be prompted to set up an account on the site with just your name, email & phone number. Please be VERY careful to enter your correct information as winning notifications go to that email address. Don't leave this until the last minute as it takes a minute or two and you don't want to miss out!

Bids can be increased in minimum increments of $2.

⚡ PLEASE DO NOT BID unless you are 100% committed to purchasing if you win.

With this auction platform you’re able to enter a high bid and walk away, but you won’t want to- because auctions are too thrilling! Though bidding must be in increments of min. $2, if someone enters a Proxy Bid, it does not have to fall within that parameter. For example- if the high bid is $19 but someone previously set a HIGH BID of $20, at the end of the auction the $20 bid will win the item.

⚡ IF YOU HAVE THE WINNING BID, you will receive an automatic email with a link to purchase at your bid price. Please check your spam mail and junk folder for this email if you’re expecting it! Please use a computer or a mobile phone to purchase if possible. (I have received feedback that customers have had issues accessing the link when using a tablet.) If you think you won but didn't receive a message, PLEASE MESSAGE ME ASAP and I can confirm for you!

⚡ VERY IMPORTANT: You will have ONLY 24 HOURS to complete the purchase, or the item will AUTOMATICALLY go to the next highest bidder. This is an AUTOMATED system and there is unfortunately nothing I can do if you miss your purchase window. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to purchase, as sometimes issues may arise at checkout and I may not be able to resolve in time before the clock runs out.

⚡ GETTING YOUR ITEMS: (these options will appear at checkout!)
OPTION ONE is shipping ($15 flat rate Canada/US)
OPTION TWO is for free non contact curbside pickup at my home in downtown Dartmouth. 

Items will be shipped within 3-4 days of purchase.

Payment options are by Credit Card, PayPal or EMT. Some items may not be available for shipping and that info will be stated in the listing.

⚡ HOT TIP: Bid early so you don’t miss on on the “sweet spot” of your ideal price range.

Things get exciting near the end so STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND SET YOURSELF AN ALARM to check back well before 8pm Atlantic on September 19th!

Let me know if you have any questions at all by emailing whattheseoldthings@gmail.com

I hope you find something you LOVE!

When you’re doing checking out the auction, check out my other gems available in the shop HERE: https://whattheseoldthings.com/collections

Happy bidding!