Where do you find everything?

EVERYWHERE. I am always on the hunt! Yard sales, side of the road, auctions & estate sales and antiquing. I’ve always got my eyes peeled for a good piece! If you have something to sell, message me! 

Do you BUY?

Yes! I’m very particular with the items I purchase, to ensure they fit my aesthetic, however it’s always growing and changing. If you’ve got something you’re looking to sell that you think would be a good fit for WTOT, send me a message and we’ll talk!

Do you have a physical store?

I do not! I was selling in a few local shops but early this year I decided to focus on online selling for the time being. 

If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, you’re welcome to contact me I do sell LIVE at The Curio Collective shows throughout the year (when we're able to have them again!) Sign up HERE for future sales & events!

Are items pick up only?

I offer curbside pickup in downtown Dartmouth, local delivery for $5 and flat rate shipping for Canada and the USA. 

Send me a message! if you have any questions about shipping!

Are you still refinishing furniture?

Not anymore! As my business and babies are growing, I find I don’t have the time, space or passion for this side of my business anymore. I do occasionally refinish small pieces, but no longer offer custom work. The more space I have, the more vintage pieces I can buy!


Do you have a *insert what you’re looking for here*?

I just might, so please don’t hesitate to ask. If I don’t have it, I’ll add it to my list and start scouting for you!

Are you still selling on Etsy?

Not at the moment! I have shifted my focus to ebay!

Have something to ask? Message me