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Do you have a store?

No bricks & mortar here- I’m online only! If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, you’re welcome to contact me I do sell LIVE at occasional markets & pop ups throughout the year. Sign up HERE for future sales & events!

How do I pay?

When you get to the checkout, you are given the option to pay with PayPal or send an EMT to with the password being the first 2 words in the item you’ve ordered with no spaces. Your order will then be processed!

Are items pick up only?

No! We’re in the big leagues, baby. Shipping is also available on all items and will be calculated when you enter your address info at checkout! I’m working with 2 different shippers to get the best rates available on all items. Send me a message if you have any questions about shipping!

Are you still refinishing furniture?

Not anymore! As my business and toddler have grown, I find I don’t have the time, space or passion for this side of my business anymore. I do occasionally refinish small pieces, but no longer offer custom work. The more space I have, the more vintage pieces I can buy!

Where do you find everything?

EVERYWHERE. I am always on the hunt! Yard sales, side of the road, auctions & estate sales and antiquing. I’ve always got my eyes peeled for a good piece! If you have something to sell, message me

Do you BUY?

Yes! I’m very particular with the items I purchase, to ensure they fit my aesthetic, however it’s always growing and changing. If you’ve got something you’re looking to sell that you think would be a good fit for WTOT, send me a message and we’ll talk!

Do you have a *insert what you’re looking for here*?

I just might, so please don’t hesitate to ask. If I don’t have it, I’ll add it to my list and start scouting for you!

Are you still selling on Etsy?

Yes! I am still running my shop on Etsy for small eclectic finds & costume jewelry. You can check it out HERE!


Have something to ask? Message me